The Reactome project is a collaboration between Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, The European Bioinformatics Institute, and The Gene Ontology Consortium to develop a curated resource of core pathways and reactions in human biology.

Project Summary: curation of the IRS/PKB cascade of events (6 months).

Role: Supervision and contribution to the work.

The information in the Reactome database is authored by biological researchers with expertise in their fields, maintained by the Reactome editorial staff, and cross-referenced with PubMed, GO, and the sequence databases at NCBI, Ensembl and UniProt. In addition to curated human events, inferred orthologous events in 21 non-human species including mouse, rat, chicken, fugu fish, worms, fly, yeast and E.coli are also available.

This work involved:

  • researching the literature
  • summarising the published knowledge in a synthetic format
  • training and directing the work of a student

The results of this project is now available online to the scientific community.

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