SYFA (Save Your Future Association) was founded in 2001 by Farmer Tantoh Nforba and is located in Nkambe, North West Province of Cameroon.

SYFA works with local farmers, youths and children on environmental protection, organic agriculture and home gardening and currently coordinates the activities of 10 environmental groups at local schools, churches and the prison

The project was to create a new website for SYFA that would provide a better window into the work of Farmer Tantoh

Farmer Tantoh training the students

Farmer Tantoh training students from the agricultural school in Nkambe the importance of botanical gardens in rural communities

Since its inauguration, SYFA has helped to prove numerous compounds (houses) in the Binju neighbourhood of Nkambe, as well as designing many gardens at churches, schools and administrative buildings.

“Farmer” Tantoh is from Nkambe, Cameroon. He studied at the Regional College of Agriculture, in Bambili, Cameroon, where his field of study was Agriculture and Rural Development. He specialized in spring water catchments’ protection using sustainable agro-forestry practices.

Tantoh has worked with local youths and low-income farmers, introducing lawn creation and flower gardening and also organic farming techniques adaptable to the tropics thereby protecting the local environment.

Achievement: The SYFA website is up and running since mid-June 2007.

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