MSM Migrants Rich PictureThis picture was drawn as part of a project to explore the provision of HIV prevention services to African Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) migrants to the UK. The Health Protection Agency (HPA) estimates that 86,500 people are living with HIV in the UK in 2010. The disease disproportionately affects MSM who represents nearly half of those newly infected with a consistently higher proportion of black MSM. African migrants and MSM are an underserved group in terms of HIV prevention services.

Designing and delivering HIV prevention services for African MSM in the UK is a multifaceted challenge, particularly for migrant populations, because they are embroiled in a network of systems aiming at achieving different and often conflicting purposes. Further, little is known about this vulnerable population notoriously hard to reach.  The situation calls for a system approach to improve the delivery of HIV prevention services with the ultimate goal of reducing the number of new HIV infections in this group.