From Bench to Clinic is a webtool to help researchers most efficiently move their candidate vaccines into first-in-human trials.  With a focus on the practical steps that need to be accomplished before a clinical trial can be initiated, this tool is intended to acquaint researchers, funders and advocates, with the processes, costs and timelines involved in the first phase of product development.

From Bench to Clinic is part of the Enterprise’s Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines initiative, a new strategy series to identify and respond to unresolved and emerging priority issues in the field. I proposed the topic and worked closely with Eddy Sayeed of IAVI and Yegor Voronin from The Enterprise with supports from many others to make it a reality.

The tool was presented during a satellite symposium at the 2014 AIDS Vaccine Conference in Barcelona and draw the attention of researcher and of the industry.

Bench To Clinic