I was born in France but I have been living and working abroad for more than 25 years. I have been a research scientist in Europe, a teacher in North Africa, a thinker and a writer everywhere.

My interests are many and encompass the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences. I have a keen interest in people and in what motivates their actions. I have travelled from the West Coast of the USA to Sidney, from the North of Scotland to the far south Cape Town.

My professional background is comprehensive from bench to clinic. I was trained as a scientist, transitioned into projects and programmes management, vaccines manufacture, clinical trials, and I am a recognised HIV prevention advocate, supporting evidence-based public and global health policies.

I have been involved in research management and operations since 2002. I am currently Senior Director of Operations of a reference clinical immunology laboratory in London. The focus of my work is on GCLP clinical activities, research activities, training and support provided to Centres of Research Excellence (COREs) in Africa and also involves direct linkage with key functions in headquarters and a support role for partners in Africa and India. My role is to secure the functionality of the business to fulfil and drive extensive and sustainable growth.

Previously, I led a key research service dedicated to the development and management of clinical and translational research, overseeing and contributing to the management of national and international multicentre research programmes.

I provide strategic, specialist and technical guidance, managing and preparing budgets, contributing to contractual negotiations, as well as liaising with funders, and scientific collaborators.

I am also an HIV prevention advocate and activist supporting engagement with the public and evidence-based roll out of new HIV prevention tools.