The Search for an HIV Vaccine: Why does it take so long?

This presentation was given as part of a community education event organised by AVAC, NAM and AHPN following a proposal by Bisi Alimi. The event introduced vaccines, current state of the research and the difficulties to develop an efficient HIV vaccine. The purpose of the presentation below was to go beyond the science and put vaccine development in the broader context of product manufacturing and legal and regulatory frameworks.

PM tools & templates

From Bench to Clinic: A Researchers Guide to Move Candidate Vaccines into Trials

From Bench to Clinic is a webtool to help researchers most efficiently move their candidate vaccines into first-in-human trials.  With a focus on the practical steps that need to be accomplished before a clinical trial can be initiated, this tool is intended to acquaint researchers, funders and advocates, with the processes, costs and timelines involved in the first phase of product development. From Bench to Clinic is part of the Enterprise’s Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines Read more…


A Brief Introduction to Project Management

This presentation is a short introduction to project management for researchers and clinicians. It provides an overview of the process and emphasises some key elements of project management such as the Gannt Chart, how to write milestones and how to approach risk. The presentation was given at the MRCC as apart of a Workshop for applicants to the DPFS/DCS scheme.


Bench to Clinic Roadmap

From The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Taking new vaccines into a phase I study requires comprehensive knowledge of a large number of issues in various areas and an understanding of how they impact one another, of which only a handful of investigators, funders and community representatives can fully fathom. Recognition of the various components required and the complexity of moving a product from bench to clinic in a first-in-man study is critical in helping to avoid Read more…

translational medicine cycle

Three key barriers to the effective translation of bioscience breakthroughs into patient benefit

In April 2012, speaking from Japan, a very symbolic location, the UK Minister for Universities and Science David Willetts announced the opening of a £180 million Biomedical Catalyst scheme to provide grant funding for innovative small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and academics to develop solutions to healthcare challenges. Prime Minister Cameron, and before him Blair , had emphasised that “Invention is one of the things we do really well in the UK”. Without a Read more…

Rich pictures

Health Activism – The case of HIV in the 21st century

This rich picture was created as a heuristic device for a seminar given to 2nd year medical students. The purpose was to sensitise future medical practitioners  to health issues seen from the perspective of the public and more specifically from those engaged in health activism. The seminar focussed on the case of HIV activists though Health Activism is much broader. Finding a definition of health activism was not easy but I eventually found this very Read more…


Treatment for HIV Prevention – a Continuum of Care

Key stages of the Universal Test and Treat approach and linkage to care for HIV prevention. HIV-negative individuals remain in the system and receive further counselling whilst HIV-positive are linked to care where they receive continuous attention and support to achieve viral suppression. Top: weaknesses and threats faced by the approach. Bottom: strengths and opportunities to address the challenges of delivering ART in a variety of contexts building on existing resources and “know-how” and developing Read more…


Clinical Research and Communities – Conflicting Needs?

The conduct of clinical research often conflicts with community life even if it is done for the benefit of the public. This can be explained by differences in perception, understanding and respective knowledge of each other’s interests and needs. This slide was designed to support discussions around the issues raised by the need to conduct clinical research in communities which often struggle to undertsand the research and how they can impact on what is being Read more…

MSM Migrants Rich Picture
Rich pictures

African Migrant MSM

MSM Migrants Rich PictureThis picture was drawn as part of a project to explore the provision of HIV prevention services to African Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) migrants to the UK. The Health Protection Agency (HPA) estimates that 86,500 people are living with HIV in the UK in 2010. The disease disproportionately affects MSM who represents nearly half of those newly infected with a consistently higher proportion of black MSM. African migrants and MSM are an underserved group in terms of HIV prevention services.